CIMPA 2020 El Salvador

Algebraic Methods in Topology

Important announcement: Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the dates of realization of the School have been delayed again. The new dates of realization (together with the corresponding deadlines for registration and/or financial support) have not been decided yet, but they will certainly be rescheduled to 2022. Please remain attentive for further notification.

However, with the intention to motivate our audience we are glad to announce the realization of a preamble for the School named:

Online CIMPA Pre-School “Algebraic Methods in Topology”, December 14-19, 2020.

This Pre-School consists in 4 online mini-courses covering foundational topics as preparation for the School. This Pre-School is aimed for senior-undergraduate and graduate math students. Information about registration for this Pre-School is here.

The official languages for both events are English and Spanish.

Online CIMPA Pre-School activities:

Opening talk (Language: Spanish).
Online mini-courses (Platform: Google Meet):

Pre-School mini-courses:

  1. Foundations of Homotopy Theory (Language: Spanish).
  2. Introduction to Abelian Groups and Modules (Language: Spanish).
  3. An introduction to Stable Homotopy Theory (Language: Spanish).
  4. Foundations of Module Theory (Language: English).

CIMPA School activities:


  1. Topology of function spaces (Language: Spanish).
  2. Categories and modules (Language: Spanish).
  3. Algebraic topology from a homotopical viewpoint (Language: Spanish).
  4. The \infty-categorical point of view for Thom spectra (Language: English).
  5. Foundations of homological algebra applied to modules (Language: English).
  6. Algebraic K-Theory and connections to Topology (Language: English).


  1. Commutativity of Lie groups.
  2. Complete Intersection Injective Dimensions.
  3. Some non-associative algebraic structures in Low dimensional topology.