Algebraic Methods in Topology

Algebraic Methods in Topology

Important announcement: Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the dates of realization of the School haven been delayed to July 11-22, 2022. The  corresponding deadlines for registration and/or financial support have been updated: 

Registration deadline: March 27, 2022. 

CIMPA’s financial support deadline: March 13, 2022. 

Please go to the registration tab for further information. 


On-site CIMPA School “Algebraic Methods in Topology”, El Salvador, July 11-22, 2022.

This School will be held at the Mathematics Department of the School of Natural  Sciences and Mathematics of the University of El Salvador, San Salvador, El  Salvador, from July 11 to 22, 2022. 

The main goal of this School is to provide the participants with some elements of the  methods and techniques of Algebra applied to Topology as initiated by H. Poincaré at  the end of the nineteenth century. The School will provide students from Central  America and neighboring countries with an introduction to this subject. 

This School consists in 7 mini-courses covering foundational topics in  Algebra and Topology. This School is aimed for senior-undergraduate math students, graduate math students, and math researchers.

The official languages are English and Spanish. 


  1. Topology of function spaces (Language: Spanish).
  2. An introduction to Geometric Group Theory (Language: Spanish).
  3. Categories and Modules (Language: Spanish).
  4. Equivariant Co-Homology (Language: Spanish).
  5. The ∞-categorical point of view for Thom spectra (Language: Spanish).
  6. Foundations of Homological Algebra applied to Modules (Language: English).
  7. Algebraic K-Theory and connections to Topology (Language: English).


Online CIMPA Pre-School Algebraic Methods in Topology, December 14-19, 2020. This Pre-School consisted in 4 online mini-courses covering foundational topics as  preparation for the School. Information about this Pre-School here:

Opening talk (Language: Spanish). 

Online mini-courses: 

  1. Foundations of Homotopy Theory (Language: Spanish).
  2. Introduction to Abelian Groups and Modules (Language: Spanish).
  3. An introduction to Stable Homotopy Theory (Language: Spanish). 
  4. Foundations of Module Theory (Language: English).


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